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My new craft room August 29, 2007

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Hey folks, we have moved. Well actually, we moved almost a month ago, but I’ve just recently uncovered my digital camera. I apparently was so concerned about making sure it was packed in a safe box that I couldn’t even find the box. I’ve updated my personal blog,, with some photos of the house, so I won’t fill up this entry here. Just wanted to flash a photo of my new craft room though:
It’s a strange room. It’s in the middle of the house and doesn’t have any windows, just a huge skylight in the middle of the ceiling. It provides perfect natural light for sewing, however. I just have to keep the skylight and room door open so I don’t suffocate. That door you see in the photo is actually a fire escape leading to the front door of the house. The work table is from Ikea, a great no-frills table, very easy to put together. I also got a drafting drawer (in the corner where my sewing machine is sitting), perfect for holding in-progress sewing projects and patterns. Thanks, Pauline, for all the heavy lifting! I plan to use the back wall as a project board. I was thinking about pinning up one of those flannel-backed vinyl tablecloths with the flannel facing out, so the fabrics stick to it. Or maybe hang it over a curtain rod, or on a wire with clothespins, which would allow me to hang up quilt tops. Any other ideas?
I’ve realized I have been so busy with the move that I haven’t completed any knitting in a few months. So I’ve picked up my most recent WIP, Blue Sky Alpaca’s eyelet cardigan. No photos yet. I had to run to Common Threads to buy one more skein of yarn. This is the second time with a Blue Sky pattern that I’ve run out of yarn despite buying the amount specified and getting gauge (the other one was the Baby Bobbi Bear.) Turns out there’s a correction on the company’s web site saying it takes 5 rather than 4 hanks for the medium size.
So, just to have a photo of some knitting-related item, here’s something I got in the mail last week. My first shipment from Yarn Tree’s sock club:
The yarn is Schaefer Anne in an Autumn Spice color, with a pattern especially written for the yarn. Is it time for fall knitting already? Also included was a sock knitting DVD and a reversible bag. Good stuff. Can’t wait to see what the other indie dyers come up with.